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Eyewear Collections

The Clarity Eye Care Guarantee:
With every eyewear purchase, our opticians ensure proper measurements are taken and that the lens designs match exactly to what Dr Hoang has prescribed, which are personalized based on one’s prescription and specific visual needs. For this reason, we stand behind our products and don’t leave you hanging!

However, if ordering glasses online, the online vendor will require you, as the consumer, to take the measurements yourself, which could cause inaccuracy to what Dr Hoang has prescribed. If ordering from a commercial big-box store, the lens offerings will likely be limited as a cost-saving measure and may differ from the lens design that Dr Hoang has customized for you. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the work if we have no control over the lens design, measurements, etc. We know this can be a common frustration for patients when it is unknown why their vision in the new glasses does not match the vision in the exam room when Dr Hoang is determining your prescription.
Let us make sure the process is accurate every step of the way when designing your eyeglasses!
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